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I'm Jade, I'm 25, living in Melbourne, and I am the owner of Salty Souls.

I created this brand after many failed business ventures. I wanted to create something that incorporates all the things I love ~ the beach, ocean, summer, camping, road trips, four wheel driving, and self love.

Salty Souls was created to fill a gap in the market with timeless and ocean inspired beach and adventure essentials.

My biggest focus with Salty Souls is to make sure I'm running a 100% sustainable business that doesn't have a negative impact on the environment, oceans and animals.


We believe in living a well balanced and simple life, free from chemicals and toxins. The environment should be preserved and our oceans should be protected from pollution. Animals are our friends and we wish to achieve a cruelty free lifestyle that supports them all. All of our products are created from natural, organic, biodegradable and recyclable ingredients and packaging.


~ Our products are created with the environment in mind

~ Our packaging is eco friendly - we currently use soft recyclable mailers (check your council to see if you can put these in your recycling bin!), recyclable boxes and tissue paper, and once the mailers are used up we will be begin using compostable mailers.

~ Our beauty products are made with 100% natural ingredients

~ $1 from every order is donated to Sea Shepherd Australia, who are on a mission to help save our oceans through beach and waterway cleanups, defending marine sanctuaries, combating illegal fishing, and conserving and protecting the ocean.

~ NO RESTOCKS! All of our collections are limited, no fast fashion here!

~ A lot of our products are handmade by myself in Melbourne, Australia.

~ The items we don't personally handmake are manufactured in Indonesia and China, however we do ensure these factories are ethical and sustainable!

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