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Get to know Salty Souls - Interview with Kindr Planet

We recently participated in an interview with a small business directory called Kindr Planet! Kindr Planet send out monthly newsletters focusing on how to be sustainable and kind to the planet. Find them here.

We thought it would be a good idea to share our interview on our website in case anyone missed it!

Is there a story or inspiration behind the name of Salty Souls?

Salty Souls actually started three years ago as Luna Co. After taking a long break to focus on uni and work, I wanted to come back with new branding that incorporated something I love (the ocean), as well as capturing the vibe of the brand I wanted which was products inspired by the ocean. I loved the word 'salt' and wanted to include this in the name, so after testing out a lot of names and asking my friends and family which they liked best, Salty Souls was made!

So, what does Salty Souls do?

Salty Souls sells eco-friendly home decor, such as coconut soy candles, macrame coasters, and car diffusers, as well as skincare and journals/planners. All of our products are as eco-friendly as possible, made with recyclable and reusable packaging, and biodegradable and natural ingredients. All of our products and brand are inspired by the ocean and a surf lifestyle.

Why did you start Salty Souls?

Due to the nature of my current job, I have a long break during the day. This meant that during the day I was getting quite bored, and so I decided I needed something to do to occupy my time. I started Salty Souls by making candles as a hobby, but I've had so much support it's turning into something a lot bigger!

Can you tell us a little about one of your sustainable initiatives?

One of our sustainable initiatives is the way we package and ship our orders. We have spent a lot of effort and time into sourcing second hand items for our packaging that can help us save the environment. We have sourced cardboard boxes from Facebook Marketplace, as well as a paper shredder which we now use to shred paper for filling in our orders. Our boxes are of course 100% recyclable, and due to them being bought from Marketplace, it meant that they weren't going to waste. Our shredded paper is from paper we would usually recycle, and proves to be amazing at keeping the products safe from breakage during shipping. This also saves money in having to buy pre-shredded paper like a lot of other small businesses do, which usually comes in a plastic bag. We do not use any bubble wrap or plastic sticky tape for our orders either. We use water-activated tape which is made from paper and is 100% biodegradable, as well as a paper sticker and stamps for branding. The box then goes into a compostable mailer ready to be shipped.

Last but definitely not least, which of your products is your favourite and why?

Personally, my favourite products are our candles from the Coastal Collection. They not look look and smell divine, but they are so fun to make! My favourite scent at the moment would probably be our Daintree scent, which is Jasmine, Magnolia and White Lily. It smells so fresh and makes me want to have a picnic in a lush, tropical garden.

A huge thank you to Kindr Planet for featuring us in their amazing newsletter!

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