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Benefits of Coconut Soy Wax Candles

Here at Salty Souls, we have put a lot of time, effort and research into sourcing the best candle wax. We currently use a blend of purely natural coconut and soy wax. This wax produces a smooth, creamy appearance. It also has a very long shelf-life. Our coconut soy candle wax is designed and manufactured right here in Sydney, Australia.

Most other companies use pure soy wax or the toxic paraffin wax for their candles, and by using coconut soy wax is what makes Salty Souls unique. But why have we chosen coconut soy wax over plain soy wax?

Coconut wax is sustainable, unlike paraffin wax. It's a renewable resource that uses no pesticides or fertiliser to grow. Coconut wax candles have an outstanding scent throw and are clean-burning, meaning they produce no harmful chemicals when lit up. Coconut wax is also one of the slowest-burning waxes out there, meaning your candle will last up to 50% longer than a traditional candle.


Unlike paraffin wax which is made from petroleum, and soy wax which can be harvested unethically, our coconut wax is the most sustainable wax out there.

Paraffin wax is the cheapest wax, but there's a reason why. This wax is derived from petroleum, and when burned in a candle, it can affect both the environment and yourself. Paraffin wax contains toxic fumes, heavy soot, and the fact that fossil fuels contribute to global warming.

Although soy wax is a naturally derived and renewable product, the soy beans harvested contain heavy pesticide and fertiliser additives, which can again affect you and the environment's health. Soy wax is also farmed in an unsustainable way causing deforestation, as rainforests are burned to make room for soy fields.

Coconuts do not require pesticides or fertiliser to grow and are harvested by hand, eliminating the need for heavy machinery. Although coconuts could eventually be grown in an unsustainable manner, currently they are being grown very carefully by small independent farms in the Philippines and Indonesia. Coconut wax has proven to be the most sustainable choice of wax for this reason.


Coconut wax has been proven to have a better scent throw than any other wax out there, with a maximum scent hold of 10%.

Opening a candle jar to smell a candle, is one of the most important first impressions. By using coconut wax, the superior cold throw is strong enough to be smelt through our packaging.

When burned, the hot throw is just as strong, with feedback from our customers saying it fills the whole house with scent.


As mentioned, other waxes can let out toxic fumes and heavy soot into the air. Although it is completely normal for a candle to let off some soot, the toxic fumes and heavy soot can be harmful to health of yourself and the environment.

Coconut wax is completely non-toxic, due to the fact that it is grown sustainably. This wax is also slow-burning, meaning your candle lasts longer. Our coconut wax also always has completely smooth tops.


As you can see, coconut wax performs well in all areas, however it does have its flaws. Coconut wax has a low melting point, meaning that the candle could melt in our extreme hot temperatures here in Australia.

Soy wax has a higher melting temperature and is often blended with coconut wax to offer a higher melting point for the candles. While still having the benefits of using coconut wax, blending it with soy wax means that your candles will stay put even during the hot summer months.

This is why we use our coconut soy wax blend in our candles.

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